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Pooling desire begins to ease itself from my pussy. His tongue reaches out to taste one small drop. Easing gently, he slides it along the curls of my bush, lapping at my skin. Heat and fire started to build in me with each touch of my sexy and loving husband. Running my fingers into his hair, I press myself closer to his seeking mouth. Each stroke continues to slide across me. Finally, he moves his hand to part the wet lips of my sex door, my pussy lips.

Looking into my eyes, he moves his tongue between my folds. Sounds of his loving reach my ears. Shifting my ass to accommodate his need, his tongue slides in deeper in to my hot pussy. The textured muscle moves up and down between my slit. My clit is swollen with need. His teeth nibble gently and one of his fingers slid between my moist pussy lips. "Oh God!" My body responds to his caresses, releasing more fluid from my pussy. My head moves right to left with each lap of his tongue. I watch him as he moves his head back and forth on my leaking pussy. A second finger slides in my pussy with the first, both begin to slip and slide along my pussy walls. Passion pumps through my veins. My hips thrust forward, bringing his fingers and tongue deeper inside my pussy. Quickening the pace of his fingers more juice covered him. Pushing deeper into me he feels the soft fleshy walls, coaxing them to clasp around his fingers. My loving husband moves the questing digits, screwing them into me. His thumb worked on my clit, teasing and taunting it. His tongue slides between my clit and the folds of my pussy. His fingers reached out the spot that will release my darkest desires.

Each turn of his fingers cause me to curl in his hair. My hands move to the bench, lifting my ass so his face can devour me. No longer can I keep my eyes on him. Clenching them tightly shut, my lip aching from the bite I have continued to press on it. My sounds of release are trapped behind my closed mouth. My senses take over as he continues. Each pumping of his fingers brings me closer to exploding. The pressure of his tongue stroking and licking took me closer to the edge of orgasm pleasure. A great oral by my husband and I was, waiting for that final drive of pleasure force to take me over its edge.

I feel it. The first crash against the rocks of the cliff wracks my body. Each slam of orgasm tenses my muscles. My ass lifts higher. He moves one hand away from my pussy and cradles my ass, holding me to his face, moving faster he licks and sucks, and the juices that were flowing out from me. The air was blowing into my pussy as he slides his head back and forth. My body needed release, needed to scream out his name. Wave upon wave of sweet liquid continues to flow from my pussy, passion rocks across my body. I can feel something holding back at the door of my pleasure point. Lifting his head from my wet pussy, he saw my mouth opens and with the call of his name, my body finally gives up the explosion of force that I had been holding back. He thrusts harder, Sucked me harder, Drives harder into me.

"Oh! My God!!" I scream and thrash as each blinding orgasm shoots through me.

Feeling the kisses against my thighs, slowly my body calms. My eyes refocus on his face, taking in the moisture of our loving. His eyes dark with desire for me, I pull his face up to mine. Our lips kiss once more; the scent of me stirs my body bringing a final little spasm to my loins. "I love you," he told me.

Rising to his feet he strokes my hair and left the trial room. He gave me a great satisfaction pleasure by his sex skills and that is too in a trial room of a clothing shop. I could not hold my smile.

Breathing slowly, my body begins to take on its normal state of rest. Though my hands shake slightly, I pick up the blue dress. Standing, my heavy passion filled arms lift the dress and slip it over my body. Hands that don't seem as if they are mine slide down my frame and smooth out the wrinkles. As expected, the dress fitted to me as it was made to order. I pulled out it from my body again and dressed myself again with my jeans and t-shirt. No need to write that I was not wearing bra and panty under my cloths. We get the dressed packed and started walking towards our home to complete the work which could not be in the trial room.

We came to the bedroom and he grabbed the opportunity and reached for my boobs and kissed me on my lips. He pulled me over himself and started to kiss my lips hard and with his one hand he squeezed my boob and with other hand he reached for my ass. I responded well to kiss and opened my mouth. This was like heaven. He kissed me hard which explored my body. I opened his shirt and pulled down his trouser with his underwear. He was completely naked. He removed my t-shirt a in a flash and removed my jeans too. I too was in my birthday suit before him. We directly headed to bed and he was down. I made him lie down and then went down to his legs and then to toe. I started licking his toe with my tongue and then started to suck. Then I slowly with my tongue came up to his knees and then to his inner things. He spread himself to give me access. I came to his erected dick and slowly licked his dick from down the balls and then came up and took his dick in my mouth. 

Oohhhh…it ran shiver down his heart. He was in full erection. His cock was so hard as always. I sucked & licked his cock as fast as I can. I know that I am an expert in that and my hubby likes it. I was very passionate in what I was doing and that always makes him happy. This is a great chemistry between us. We knew how to get more from less.
He pushed me back to bed and now it was his turn to lick me again. He started from my ears then to my neck and the outer line of my boobs and then my nipple. 

When he sucked my boobs I moaned loudly. "Haaahhhhhhh…hahhaaaahhh….. OOOHHHH" This really encouraged him. He sucked me hard and made my nipple pink to red as he sucked hard. He went little side to my under arm to smell my sweat, which I knew he likes very much. It was just too good. He went down to my navel and kissed me there. He then parted my legs to get access of my clean shaven pussy. He came close to my pussy. He continued and licked my outer pussy and slowly parted my pussy lips and licked my hole with his tongue, this time I moaned hard and lifted my body. My boobs and nipples were getting hard by now. He licked me hard, fast in deep and I moaned hard and hard uuuuuuhhhh aaaaahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh. I hold his head hard and pulled his hairs for his hard lock in to my pussy. He inserted one finger and pushed it deep in to my juicy pussy and started to stroke and lick the upper tip of my pussy at the same time. I jumped up holding his shoulder.

We went to 69 positions where he could lick my pussy and I could suck his cock at the same time. I sucked and licked like a real professional. For some time, we sucked and licked each other. Then I did something very very special to him. He was over me and I reached for his ass hole and inserted my finger in his asshole. He was happily surprised by my sexy action. I was continued to suck his dick and play with his ass hole. After a minute it was now time for the real action, time for his cock to enter in to my juicy pussy. He made me lie below him and lifted my legs on his shoulder and inserted his hard cock in to my waiting juicy pussy. He stroked slow initially, holding my boobs while stroking. I was enjoying. He was enjoying too. Slowly he picked up the pace and I was moaning "aaahhhh ahhhh hard please hard". My moan made him hornier and he started to pump me so hard that the bed started to make noise.

I was near my climax and I knew that he will take more time to finish as always. As my legs were on his shoulders, my ass was hanging in the air. He was standing on the floor and was fucking me with his force full strokes. I was also moving my ass as much as I could to match his strokes.

Suddenly, I moaned loudly in pleasure of my orgasm and have tightened my legs. He understood and stopped for a while without dismounting from me, keeping his hard and hot rod deep in to my wet pussy .

He started again fucking me hard. I had two orgasms already and I wanted to give him a great pleasure of Cumming inside of my lovely pussy.
My next orgasm has started to build inside me and we both were flying in to seventh sky of sex pleasure.

His speed increased and his balls were stroking at my asshole with his every jerk in to my pussy by his hot cock.

We both were near the finishing line and heading towards our sex and fuck pleasure. My eyes were already closed and I was ready for another orgasm pleasure.
"AAAAHHHHHHH…………. OOOHHHHH………. AAAAAAHHHHHHH….." I started to moan loudly in pleasure and……… and……. and I reached to my pleasure fuck station with his hard stroke. He too was near is climax and was fucking me with his hard and fast strokes.
"Juleeeeeeeeeeee……………….. AAAAHHHHHHHH…….. OHHHHH.." He too moaned and pushed his cock deep in to my pussy and I could feel his warm cum jets deep in to my pussy. His cock was dancing with every cum jet fire in to my pussy and he hugged me tight coming on to me on the bed. I was under him and his cock was in to my pussy firing cum shots.

We lay down there on the bed for some time. His cum mixed with my pussy juices started to flow out of my pussy and His cock started to be smoother from hard state. He pulled out his softer becoming cock from my leaking pussy and lay down on the bed on my side.
"Darling! Just show me your new sexy dress wearing it so that I can see how it looks on you" He said smiling and looking in to my eyes.

I smiled too and gave him a short kiss on his lips.
I left for the bathroom to clean myself knowing it very well that there will be another game of sex after the dinner.


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